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GSoC'19 Final Report

22 Aug 2019 » gsoc, ,

Work Done :

  • Created customization support for Notebookbar[1].
  • Created extension support for Notebookbar[2].

Customization Support:

  • Rendering notebookbar*.ui file from user/share directory - Patch
  • Using registrymodifications.xcu for storing customized uiitem data - Patch
  • UI for the Notebookbar Customization tab - Patch
  • Reload Notebookbar, when customization is being done - Patch
  • Category Target, now available for customization tab - Patch
  • Category Target and Function Target enhanced in customization Tab- Patch

Extension Support :

  • Addons(extension) support is extended for NotebookBar - Patch
  • Engine to add Extension inside extension tab in NotebookBar - Patch
  • Patch fixes the image rendering issue of extension in NotebookBar Patch
  • Extension support for gtkmenuItem and notebookbar.ui file added for writer Patch
  • GtkWidget for the priority of extension under Extension Tab Patch

Gerrit for more details and patches.

To do:


There are many features still locked and need to finish. Also,

  • The use registrymodifications.xcu to retrieve the configuration and use them during an update is not complete.
  • It would be better to open the customization dialog based on the tab opened in the Notebookbar interface.

Extension :

  • The task to add extension anywhere in the NotebookBar
  • Checking the compatibility with other Notebookbar interfaces(other than Tabbed) and refine the existing work.

** Follow [1] , [2] for more details.

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