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A dive in 6 million - LibreOffice

15 Jun 2019 » gsoc, ,
“Jenkin, you should go out with Pottle Bot sometime. The patch is working on my machine” , Whenever he post a build failure comment on my patch :

You might be wondering who is Jenkin, Ahmm Ahmm ( Fake Cough )

So, I got selected in Google Summer of Code’19. If you don’t know about GSoC and funneled to this blog through Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. Thanks for loving :)


The story started around 6 months ago, I knew there is something called Google Summer of Code and is a good opportunity for a college student. So, I started talking to people who were in GSoC, searched the web about opensource development, started looking for the organization and their codebase. I didn’t start with LibreOffice but Django and ended up with LibreOffice because of the community bonding and active members. There are some members, you would always love to have a conversation with. Every one of them is sarcastic and helping.

If I remember correctly, My first conversation in LibreOffice-dev was something like :

Me: Hii, I want to contribute

tml: Are you here for GSoC. If yes, Don’t be ashamed to say so..

I was like, are you an Oracle?

Few of the conversations at LO(LibreOffice) were like:

  • Don’t call me sir or if you want to, keep the letter ‘s’ Capital.
  • Need not to say thanks for the advice , offer me a beer.
  • I use Vim! Is that a pickup line?

The last one was addressed to me by QTCharmer : ) I bet you wouldn’t able to find her on LO-dev IRC, as far as I know, no one ever had in their first attempt. This is one of the reasons why we address people by their name or handle in organizations rather than Sir or Mam.

Dude, it took me one month to set up the environment. I did first in Ubuntu but the first bug I solved was dependent on KDE backend so I had to install Kubuntu and then set up the environment again.

So, My first patch was in master in early December.


But wait, the patch has one comment and one deleted line only and it took me nearly 10 days.I was very happy and was proudly telling my friends I am LibreOffice Developer by showing them my name


Apart from all these things, it was my love for C++ and curiosity to build a system application made me chose LibreOffice.

The journey is going good right now, My mentors are more excited than me to see my work @andreas @szymon and the UI Team.

I would suggest everyone to contribute in open source, you will always find an organization that fits you (Machine Learning, AI, UI/UX or whatever ). You will learn a lot of things.

P.S : I don’t run out of variables name now !

P.S.S : Let’s discuss the title some other time ; )

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